Blair County Cemetery Survey


Key to Cemetery Information at BCGS -


BCGS = More information available at the library

Gr. = Jim Grove records

Imler = Imler family history

Pub = Survey completed & published in BCGS publication of that number

Scrubgrass = Cemetery index, filed under Scrubgrass


African ZionDeed - African CemeteryHollidaysburgPub. #4
Agudath AchimKedosa Agudath AchimLogan Township
AlbrightTaylor TownshipBCGS
Allegheny Furnace CemeteryBaker CemeteryAltoonaBCGS
Alto Reste ParkeAllegheny TownshipBCGS
Altoona CathedralAltoona
Antis CemeteryAntis TownshipPub #103
Arch Spring PresbyterianDeed - Arch Spring Cemetery AssociationTyrone TownshipPub #39
Asbury CemeteryAntis TownshipBCGS
AubaughCarson Valley CemeteryAllegheny TownshipPub #11
AurandtNo Records - DestroyedCatherine Township
Baker CemeteryAllegheny Furnace CemeteryAltoonaBCGS
Bald EagleDeed - Bald Eagle Cemetery Assn.Snyder TownshipBCGS
Baptist CemeteryProbably Mt. Zion CemeteryAntis Township
Bassler CemeteryBosler CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Baughman CemeteryDeed - Baughman CemeterySnyder TownshipBCGS
Beavertown Reformed CemeterySalem ReformedHuston TownshipPub #48
Bechtal DavidCemetery is in Fairview recordsWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Beck CemeteryBechtal DavidWoodbury TownshipBCGS
BellemeadeNo Records - Location Not FoundLogan Township
Benner CemeteryNicodemus CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Bennington CemeteryAllegheny TownshipBCGS
Biddle CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Biddle CemeteryDeed- Biddle CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Black - Wolfe CemeteryBlack CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Black CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Black Oak CemeteryMcDowell CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Blair Memorial ParkDeed - Blair Memorial Park Inc.Antis TownshipBCGS
Blue Knob CemeteryMt. Sinai Church CemeteryJuniata TownshipScrubgrass V1
Bosler CemeteryBassler CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Bouslough CemeteryCasner CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Bowers CemeteryWoodbury Township
Bridenbaugh CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
Brookes Mills CemeteryVicksburg CemeteryBlair TownshipPub #25
Brua CemeteryCasner CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Brumbaugh CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipImler V2, Gr
Brush Mountain CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Burget CemeteryBurket CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Burket CemeteryBurget CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Burket CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
Butlersville CemeteryMt. Sinai Church CemeteryJuniata TownshipBCGS
Byers CemeteryGrabill CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Calvary CemeteryAltoona
Campbell CemeterySnyder TownshipBCGS
Carson Valley CemeteryAllegheny Township
Catfish Ridge CemeteryMcIntire CemeteryBlair TownshipBCGS
Charlottsville CemeteryAntis TownshipPub #103
Clapper CemeterySt. Paul's Church CemeteryHuston TownshipBCGS
Clappertown CemeterySt Paul's Church CemeteryHuston TownshipBCGS
Claysburg Union CemeteryGreenfield TownshipBCGS
Clover Creek CemeteryBrumbaugh CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipImler V2, Gr
Collinsville CemeteryAltoonaBCGS
Colored CemeteryFairview Cemetery, Pressler CemeteryGreenfield TownshipBCGS
Colyer - Kelly CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Conrad Claycomb CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Conrad Metzger CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipPub #48
County CemeteryAllegheny TownshipBCGS
Cowan CemeteryLower CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Crumbaker CemeteryDestroyedFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Cryder CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
David Beck CemeteryBechtal CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Davis CemeteryFreedom TownshipPub #46
Deeter CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Dell CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGs
Detwiler CemeteryHuston TownshipPub #48
Dick CemeteryLower CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Diehl's Cross Roads CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Dilling CemeteryDestroyed - Location FoundHuston TownshipPub #48
Ditch CemeteryHuston TownshipPub #48
Dodson CemeteryFreedom TownshipPub #46
Dry Run CemeteryJuniata TownshipBCGS
Duck CemeteryDestroyedWoodbury Township
Dysart CemeteryAntis TownshipBCGS
East Sharpsburg CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Eastern LightAltoonaBCGS
EastlawnSnyder Township
Edward Byers CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Eight Square Church CemeteryDuck Cemetery - DestroyedWoodbury Township
Eldorado CemeteryBlack CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Elkhurst CemeteryVilla Maria CemeteryTyrone TownshipBCGS
Etna CemeteryMt Etna CemeteryCatherine TownshipBCGS, Gr
Fairview CemeteryAltoonaPub #19
Fairview CemeteryGreenfield TownshipBCGS
Fairview CemeteryMartinsburg FairviewNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Fairview CemeteryPart of this cemetery is Bechtal CemeteryWoodbury TownshipPub #33
Falknor CemeteryFalknor/Wagner CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Falknor/Wagner Cemetery Falknor CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Family CemeteryWoodbury Township
Feather CemeteryFreedom TownshipPub #46
Feay CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Folknor GravesNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Franklin Forge CemeteryDestroyedWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Frankstown CemeteryGeeseytown CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Fredericksburg CemeteryBrumbaugh CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipImler V2, Gr
Ganister Hole CemeteryFranklin Forge CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Geeseytown CemeteryFrankstown CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
German Baptist CemeteryNo Records - Location Not FoundGreenfield Township
German Reformed CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
German Reformed CemeteryThompson CemeteryWilliamsburgBCGS
Good - Walls CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Good CemeteryFransktown Township
Good CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
Gospel CemeteryBennington CemeteryAllegheny TownshipBCGS
Grabill CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Grandview CemeteryAltoonaPub #137
Grandview CemeterySnyder TownshipPub #117
Grazier Farm CemeteryTyrone TownshipBCGS
Grazierville CemeterySnyder Township
Greek Catholic CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Greek CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Greenlawn CemeteryAllegheny TownshipPub #4
Greenlawn CemeteryRoaring SpringBCGS
Greenwood CemeteryAltoonaPub #105
Grobill CemeteryGrabill CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Guilford CemeteryHutchinson CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Gwin CemeteryMaurer CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Hartstock CemeteryMcDowell CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Hebrew CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Henrietta CemeteryNicodemus CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Henry's Church CemeteryLutheran CemeteryCatherine TownshipBCGS, Gr
Hileman CemeteryMcDowell CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Hill CemeteryDysart CemeteryAntis TownshipBCGS
Hoff CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Holliday CemeteryBlair TownshipPub #4
Hollidaysburg Presbyterian CemeteryHollidaysburgPub #4
Hoover CemeteryDestroyed - Location FoundHuston TownshipBCGS
Hoover CemeteryNorth Woodbury Township
Hoover CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Hutchinson CemeteryAltoonaBCGS
HutchisonLogan TownshipPub #105
Hutchison CemeteryAltoona
Immaculate Conception CemeteryGreek CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Ironsville CemeteryLong CemeterySnyder TownshipBCGS
J. Frank Livingston CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Jackson CemeteryBlair TownshipPub #4
James Shirley CemeteryFreedom TownshipPub #46
Jeremiah Peck CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Kauffman CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Keagy CemeteryAlbright CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Kedosa Agudath Achim CemeteryAgudath Achim CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Keller CemeteryCatherine TownshipBCGS, Gr
Kelly CemeteryColyer - Kelly CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Kensinger CemeteryNorth Woodbury Township
Kensinger Cemetery @ Bechtel FarmNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Kensinger Cemetery @ HenriettaNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Kimberling CemeteryCasner CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Kladder CemeteryShirley - McGraw CemeteryBlair TownshipBCGS
Koontz CemeteryCryder CemeteryBlair Township
Kreider CemeteryCryder CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
Leamersville Church of the Brethren CemeteryFreedom TownshipBCGS
Livingston CemeteryJ. Frank Livingston CemeteryNorth Woodbury Township
Logan Valley CemeteryAntis TownshipBCGS
Logan Valley CemeteryBellwood
Lone Grave of the AllegheniesJuniata TownshipBCGS
Long CemeteryLong - Ironsville CemeterySnyder TownshipBCGS
Longeneckers CemeterySt Paul's ChurchHuston TownshipPub #48
Lower CemeterySpring Hope CemeteryMartinsburgBCGS
Lower CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Lower CemeteryThompson CemeteryWilliamsburgBCGS
Lower Claar Church of the Brethren CemeteryGreenfield TownshipScrubgrass V2
Lower Lutheran CemeteryLutheran CemeteryWilliamsburgBCGS
Lower Piney Creek CemeteryDuck CemeteryWoodbury Township
Lutheran CemeteryBlair TownshipPub #8
Lutheran CemeteryCatherine TownshipBCGS
Lutheran CemeteryGreenfield TownshipBCGS
Lutheran CemeteryHollidaysburgBCGS
Lutheran CemeteryWilliamsburgBCGS
Lutheran CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Markey CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Martinsburg Fairview CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Maurer CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
McDowell CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
McGarvey CemeteryHutchison CemeteryAltoonaBCGS
McGraw CemeteryMcGraw - Shirley CemeteryBlair TownshipBCGS
McIntire CemeteryBlair TownshipBCGS
McMullen Catholic CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
McQuillen CemeterySnyder TownshipBCGS
Mennonite CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Methodist CemeteryAsbury CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Methodist CemeteryWilliamsburgBCGS, Gr
Metzgar CemeteryHuston TownshipPub #48
Mill Run CemeteryColyer - Kelly CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Miller CemeteryNo Records - Location not foundAntis Township
Miller CemeteryNo Records - Location not foundCatherine Township
Millerstown CemeteryMt. Pleasant CemeteryNorth Woodbury Township
Mines CemeteryHuston TownshipPub #48
Mock CemeteryMock - Moses CemeteryFreedom TownshipPub #46
Morning Sun CemeteryAlbright CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Morrow CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
Morrow Family CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
Moses CemeteryMock - Moses CemeteryFreedom TownshipPub #46
Mt. Etna CemeteryEtna CemeteryCatherine TownshipBCGS, Gr
Mt. Hope Reformed Church CemeteryGreenfield TownshipScrubgrass V1
Mt. Moriah CemeteryJuniata TownshipScrubgrass V1
Mt. Olivet Lutheran CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
Mt. Pleasant CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Mt. Sinai CemeterySon Of Jacob CemeteryLogan TownshipScrubgrass V1
Mt. Sinai Church CemeteryJuniata TownshipScrubgrass V1
Mt. Zion CemeteryAntis TownshipBCGS
Mudtown CemeteryCollinsville CemeteryAltoonaBCGS
Musselman CemeteryFreedom TownshipBCGS
New Canoe Creek CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS, Gr
Newry Lutheran CemeteryBlair TownshipPub #8
Nicodemus CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Noggle CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Oak Grove CemeterySnyder TownshipBCGS
Oak Ridge CemeteryAltoona
Ohavel YosherYosher CemeteryLogan Township
Old Canoe Creek CemeteryTurkey Valley United Brethren Church CemeteryFrankstown Township
Old Order Mennonite CemeteryMennonite CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Olivia CemeteryBald Eagle CemeterySnyder TownshipBCGS, Gr
Oreminia CemeteryMines CemeteryHuston TownshipPub #48
Paul CemeterySmith CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Pauper's CemeteryCounty CemeteryAllegheny TownshipBCGS
Peck CemeteryJeremiah Peck CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Phillips CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Pine Grove CemeteryPuzzletown CemeteryJuniata TownshipPub #46
Pleasant Valley CemeteryCollinsville CemeteryAltoonaBCGS
Plum Creek CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Plummers Hollow CemeterySnyder TownshipBCGS
Polish CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Poplar Run CemeteryPuzzletown CemeteryJuniata TownshipPub #46
Pote CemeteryNo Records - Location Not FoundTaylor Township
Potters FieldCounty CemeteryAllegheny TownshipBCGS
Presbyterian CemeteryHollidaysburgPub #3
Presbyterian CemeteryArch Spring CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #37
Pressel CemeteryPressler CemeteryGreenfield TownshipScrubgrass V2
Puderbaugh CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Rebecca Furnace CemeteryHuston TownshipPub #48
Reformed CemeteryClaysburg Reformed CemeteryGreenfield TownshipBCGS
Reformed Lutheran CemeteryWilliamsburg Zion LutheranWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Rhodes CemeteryHuston TownshipPub #48
Rhodes CemeteryEast Sharpsburg CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Riverside CemeteryLeamersville CemeteryFreedom TownshipBCGS
Riverview CemeteryLeamersville CemeteryFreedom TownshipBCGS
Roaring Spring CemeteryGreenlawn CemeteryRoaring SpringBCGS
Robison CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Rodman CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Rose Hill CemeteryAltoonaPub #78, Pub #79
Royer CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS, Gr
Russian Orhtodox CemeteryGreek CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Salem CemeteryNo Records - Location Not FoundAltoona
Salem Reformed CemeteryHuston TownshipPub #48
Sam Hill CemeteryMennonite CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Sarah Furnace CemeterySproul Union CemeteryGreenfield TownshipScrubgrass V2
Schmucker CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS, Gr
Sell CemeteryLeamersville CemeteryFreedom TownshipBCGS
Shellytown CemeterySt John's Lutheran CemeteryWoodbury TownshipPub #33
Shiffler CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Shirley's CemeteryMcGraw - Shirley CemeteryBlair TownshipBCGS
Shriver CemeteryNorth Woodbury Township
Shriver CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Sinking Valley Presbyterian CemeteryArch Spring Presbyterian CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
Smith CemeteryFreedom TownshipPub #46
Smith CemeteryNorth Woodbury Township
Smith CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Smith CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS, Gr
Smith Corner CemeterySmith CemeteryFreedom TownshipPub #46
Smithfield CemeteryHuston TownshipPub #48
Smuckers CemeterySchmuckers CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Snively CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS, Gr
Snowberger CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Sons of Jacob CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS, Gr
Sparr CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Spring Hope CemeteryMartinsburgBCGS
Springfield Furnace CemeteryRoyer CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
Sproul Union CemeteryGreenfield TownshipScrubgrass V2
St John's CemeteryAltoonaPub #2
St Mary's Cemetery (New)Allegheny TownshipPub #4
St Mary's Cemetery (Old)HollidaysburgPub #4
St Marys CemeteryAltoona
St. Bernadine Monastery CemeteryBlair TownshipBCGS
St. John's Lutheran CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
St. John's Lutheran CemeteryWoodbury TownshipPub #33
St. Joseph's Cemetery (New)St. Joseph's Catholic CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS, Gr
St. Joseph's Cemetery (Old)WilliamsburgBCGS, Gr
St. Luke's CemeteryMcMullen Catholic CemeteryTyrone TownshipPub #39
St. Mary's Catholic CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
St. Mary's Orthodox CemeterySt. Mary's Holy Assumption Orthodox CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS, Gr
St. Patrick's CemeteryAllegheny TownshipBCGS
St. Patrick's Cemetery (New)Blair TownshipPub #9, Pub #144
St. Patrick's Cemetery (Old)NewryPub #9, Pub #144
St. Paul's Church CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
St. Paul's Church CemeteryWoodbury TownshipBCGS
St. Paul's Lutheran CemeteryClaysburg Lutheran CemeteryGreenfield TownshipBCGS
St. Paul's Lutheran Church CemeteryHuston TownshipPub #46
St. Peter & Paul CemeteryPolish CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
St. United Church CemeteryEast Sharpsburg CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
State Hospital CemeteryCounty CemeteryAllegheny TownshipBCGS
Station CemeteryMcGraw - Shirley CemeteryBlair TownshipBCGS
Stewart CemeteryAntis TownshipBCGS
Stoneybrook CemeteryStonerook CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Stowberger CemeterySnowberger CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Sunny Side CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Teech CemeteryTreesh CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Teeter CemeteryTaylor CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Temple Beth Israel CemeterySon Of Jacob CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Thompson CemeteryWilliamsburgBCGS
Treesh CemeteryTeech CemeteryNorth Woodbury TownshipBCGS
Treesh CemeteryNorth Woodbury Township
Turkey Valley United Brethren Church CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Tussey Mountain CemeteryRebecca Furnace CemeteryHuston TownshipPub #48
Tyrone City CemeteryGrandview CemeterySnyder TownshipPub #117
Umbower CemeteryEast Sharpsburg CemeteryTaylor TownshipBCGS
Union CemeteryDestroyed at 1605 11th Ave.AltoonaBCGS
Union CemeteryCollinsville CemeteryAltoonaBCGS
Union CemeterySproul Union CemeteryGreenfield TownshipScrubgrass V2
Union CemeteryAfrican Zion CemeteryHollidaysburgPub #4
Union Cemetery (Lutheran)Claysburg Union CemeteryGreenfield TownshipScrubgrass V2
Vaugh CemeteryNo RecordsLogan Township
Vicksburg CemeteryBlair TownshipPub #25
Villa Maria CemeterySnyder TownshipBCGS
Walker CemeteryWalter CemeteryBlair TownshipBCGS
Wallstown CemeteryGood - Walls CemeteryFrankstown TownshipBCGS
Westley CemeteryCollinsville CemeteryAltoonaBCGS
Wetsberger CemeteryNo RecordsLogan Township
Williams CemeteryDestroyedCatherine TownshipBCGS
Williamsburg Methodist CemeteryWilliamsburgBCGS, Gr
Williamsburg Zion Lutheran CemeteryWilliamsburgBCGS
Wolfe CemeteryBlack CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Woomer CemeterySnyder TownshipBCGS
Yellow Springs CemeteryCatherine TownshipBCGS, Gr
Yosher CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS
Young CemeteryNo Records - Location Not FoundAllegheny Township
Young CemeteryLogan TownshipBCGS


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