Lookups at BCGS library will be done by snail mail only because BCGS library is staffed by volunteers.  No email requests will be honored.


Please limit lookup requests to 3 per envelope.

The key to success in obtaining useful genealogical information is to be as specific as possible in your request.  Please follow the 5 Ws when writing your lookup letter:

WHO - Give the full name of the subject of the lookup.  If you're looking for the parents of a particular person, give that person's full name.


WHAT - Specify the exact information you want for this individual, for example - birth, marriage, death, deed, cemetery, will, obituary.

WHAT - List the publication numbers of the BCGS books in which you want lookups, from the publication list on the main page, and/or titles listed on the library holdings page.

WHERE - If you know a location where your family lived within the county, please provide us with that information.  If you do not, please indicate that you do not.

WHEN - Please provide the dates you already know, or a time period if you do not have a specific date.

WHY - If you're looking for cousins rather than ancestors, please say so.  BCGS maintains a surname interest registry.

Please enclose a donation to BCGS to cover the cost of photocopies, shipping and handling. Requests will be answered in the order in which they are received.  Click HERE for a printable lookup request form.



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